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"Body meets the power of the mind"


"With many thanks for all your help with our prenatal classes and the wonderful experience in the ward for the birth of our Eva. You had a very positive influence on our big day. Thank you."

Melanie and Neil, Avon, CO and Australia

"Shama, thank you for all your help during the delivery of Zachary. You helped me create a memorable experience that I will always cherish."

Renee, Eagle, CO

"My mom and dad haven't been able to stop talking about how grateful they are that you were part of my really sounds like they couldn't have done it without you! I look forward to getting to know you as I grow up."

Baby Wyatt, Jennifer and Steve, Eagle-Vail, CO

"Petra was very helpful to both myself and the family...excellent doula."

Nima Patel, M.D.

From Father: "I was really reluctant to have a doula present at our delivery at first. I thought a doula would replace my role. In the end, I was SO thankful for Shama's presence. She supported Kelly in a way that enhanced my experience and helped us have a better, more positive experience."

Joel, Edwards, CO

"Shama is thoughtful in her presentation of information. She is responsive to the unique needs of teenagers. She is encouraging by assuring the girls that childbirth is a positive and happy experience they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Brynn, Teen Parent Resource Coordinator

Our experience with Shama was incredible! It was not until we started the birthing classes did we truly understand the importance of a doula.

While the other couples were stressing over the details of when they would go to the hospital, how would they know when labor began etc.

Brady and I would smile and say...."We'll call Shama". And that exactly what happened the day of birth. Shama met us at our house and made me feel comfortable and safe until it was time to go to the hospital. Her knowledge of the hospital, the staff & birthing process was priceless! Having her to took all of the stress and worries out of the situation so my husband and I could take in every moment and work through the challenges of a natural birth together. Shama's coaching and support was imperative during the birth and somenthing I could hot have done without.

Aryn, E Vail, CO


Shama was amazing and we will use her again for our next child!

Nick, Wolcott, CO