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Parenting Resources

Attachment Parenting International http://www.attachmentparenting.org/

The Natural Child Project http://www.naturalchild.org/

The Happiest Baby on the Block http://thehappiestbaby.org/

Mothering Magazine http://wwwmothering.com/

The Compleat mother Magazine http://www.compleatmother.com/

The Liedloff Continuum Network http://www.continuum-concept.org/

Attachment Catalog http://www.attachmentscatalog.com/index.html

Childbirth Resources

CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association http://www.cappa.net

Birth Works International http://www.birthworks.org

DONA - Doulas http://www.dona.org

ALACE -Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators


ICEA -International Childbirth Education Association http://www.icea.org

Childbirth International http://www.childbirthinternational.com

Doula Network http://doulanetwork.com/

MANA - Midwife Alliamce http://www.mana.org/

CIMS - The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services


ICAN - International Cesarean Awarness Network http://ican-online.org/

Midwifery Today http://www.midwiferytoday.com/

Breastfeeding Resources

VVMC Women & Children Center/ Lactation services

             (970) 479-6455 (milk)

La Leche League in Glenwood Springs

             (970) 945-6726 or (970) 945-9754

             Contact : Sally or Corrie

La Leche League International http://www.llli.org/

Kangaroo Care http://www.kangaroomothercare.org/

Baby-Friendly USA http://www.babyfriendlyusa.org/

Pro Mom http://www.promom.org/

Bright Future Lactation Resources http://bflrc.com/

Family Room CO.

Vail Valley source for Hypnosis for Fertility and Birthing,

Stacey Horn, LCSW 970-688-1401