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"Body meets the power of the mind"



"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is also about making mothers - strong competent capable mothers, who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

What is a Labor Doula?

"Doula" is an ancient Greek word which has come to mean the woman who mothers the mother. A doula stays with a laboring woman throughout her entire labor and birth experience, helping her to cope with this major life event.

Doula works with families that desire both natural or medicated births.

"The presence of supportive woman during labor and delivery significantly shortens the labor and may reduce complications."

-Judith Walzer Leavitt,

author of Brought to Bed             

How can a doula help you during labor?

A doula....

  • Recognizes that your birth experience is an important event that you will remember all of your life.
  • Understands the many choices you have and can help you write a birth plan or a list of your preferences in giving birth and welcoming your baby into the world.
  • Provides emotional support for you before, during, and after your labor and birth.
  • Provides or suggests physical comfort measures that your parter can give during labor and birth, such as back rubs, breathing exercises, and position changes.
  • Gives you an objective view of your labor. A doula has the experience of many labors and can help you understand how your labor is progressing.
  • Know what to do during long or difficult labors. She can give many suggestions that help you cope and help your labor progress.
  • Communicates with your birth partner. She helps him or her understand the labor process and can give him or her many suggestions on how to give support during labor and birth.
  • Helps you communicate with your caregivers.
  • Helps you and your partner get off to a great start as new parents. Offers support in the early weeks of parenting.
  • Gives you one-on-one attention. Her total role is to "be there for you" and help you have the best possible birthing experience.

How do birth partners and doulas work together?

A doula can never replace the love and caring that the birth partner provides during the birth experience. No one else can fill this special role.

A doula's knowledge and experience can help the birth partner to participate comfortably in the birth. They work as a team.

A doula gives the birth partner helpful ideas about what comfort measures work best during different parts of labor and birth.

Proven Benefits of Doula Care

Decreased medical intervention in labor*:

  • Reduces need for Cesarean by 50 %
  • Reduces length of labor by 25 %
  • Reduces use of Oxytocin by 40 %
  • Reduces pain medication use by 30 %
  • Reduces the need for forceps by 40 %
  • Reduces Epidural requests by 60 %

6 weeks after birth, mothers who had doulas were:

  • Less anxious and depressed
  • Had more confidence with baby
  • More satisfied with partner (71% vs. 30%)
  • More likely to be breastfeeding (52% vs. 29%)

*These statistics appear in "A Doula Makes the Difference" by Nuget in Mothering Magazine, March -April 1998.

My responsibilities as your doula

I will be on call for you 24 hrs a day beginning 2 weeks before the estimated due date and ending two weeks after the birth of your child.

I will provide two prenatal preparation sessions in your home, including but not limited to: help designing a "birth wish", discussion of choices of birth, comfort measures and coping methods, risk/benefits of various choices and procedures, and discussion of postpartum adjustment and expectations.

In the event that induction becomes a possibility, I will provide an additional prenatal preparation session devoted to explaining your options with regard to induction.

I will provide continuous labor support from the time you ask me to come until after the baby is born. I will come to your house to provide support, or meet you at the hospital, depending on your preference. I will not leave unless you ask me to, and even then will be available by phone.

I will provide two postpartum visits to discuss the birth, answer any questions you may have, and provide breastfeeding support, scheduled at your convenience within three weeks of your birth.

Please contact me to discuss my services and pricing.

Thank you.

To learn more, contact me at (970)390.7754 or by email: [email protected]